With over 10 years of technical-editing experience, and more than 20 years of exposure to the marching pageantry, Dustin Lowes has developed a music-editing service for indoor competition designed for quality, convienince and affordability.

You now have access to a professional music-editing service that eliminates "do it yourself" mistakes, studio hassle and unnecessary fees.

Audio Editing is the process of taking recorded audio and manipulating the sound directly by a series of technical procedures.

-Shorter, Longer, Softer, Louder
-Slower, Faster, Loop it, Fade it
-Mix Multiple Songs
-Add Special Effects
-Restore Audio Sound Quality
-Even remove inappropriate lyrics
-The list goes on...

DRL Music Production offers service plans specially designed for convienince and affordability:

This editing package is a great option for most semi-competitive productions.

This editing package is designed for highly developed productions or clients who want an expert to arrange and design their show to support their concept.

This editing package is designed for simple, small level productions.

This editing package is great for an already completed production that is in need of refining.

Everyone Enjoys:

  • Unlimited consultation throughout the project
  • Unlimited edits and revisions
  • $5 credit toward source material
  • Post edit, audio mastering
  • Secure, online access to your music 24 hours a day
  • Money back guarantee for quality assurance*

Other benifits include FREE voice-over placement and options for song selections and original music.

You can find more details and prices in the REQUEST FORM


Money Back Guarantee:
(If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your project within the seven day production week, your [1st ½] payment is fully refundable. Upon receipt of refund, you agree to forfeit all rights and privileges to use the arrangement).