1) Fill out the REQUEST FORM application:
  • Choose your service package
  • Schedule your Production Week


2) Prior to your Production Week:
  • Please finalize your music selections and show concept.

  • Your first payment and music selections must arrive by mail before your scheduled Production Week or on the same day using PayPal and iTunes.


  • You may provide a detailed list of songs you wish to have purchased from iTunes.
  • PayPal transactions are sent securly and instantly HERE


 *DRL Music Production is providing an editing service and is not responsible for obtaining the rights and permissions for use of the audio.  DRL Music Production assumes you will or have already obtained proper permission.


3) During the Production Week:
  • Production hours are flexible during your week.
  • Weekends are primarily reserved for emergencies.
  • Remember, NO hourly fees will accrue.
  • Ideally, shows are to be completed by Sunday of the production week, but most PREMIUM shows continue to be developed and refined after the production week.

Communication options:

By Email

Email(preferred), Phone or In-Person


4) After the Production Week:
  • After the production week, any support services (edits / revisions) are welcome.

The FULL SERVICE ADD-ON is now included in the STANDARD, PREMIUM and LIMITED service packages!

...never worry about hourly fees, again!

  • Your Final Invoice will be sent by email or mail following the production week.  A third invoice may be sent following the season if any services are requested beyond the final invoice.
  • Your music will remain in the Client Area for your convenience until the season has ended.  Please take full advantage of the SUPPORT TICKET for any support services (edits) needed throughout the season.  All edits are posted immediately in the Client Area for you to sample and download 24/7.